Major Projects: Dallas Animal Shelter

By Karen Blessen and Julie Cohn
A City of Dallas project
Architects: Doug Hildinger and Dan Finnell at workarchitecture, Dallas

At the time of this writing (December 2005), construction on the new Dallas Animal Shelter has not yet begun. It is charted to be Dallas' first "green building". The signage that Julie and I have created describe the process of re-circulation of water—from usage in kennels, after which is it circulated through a series of aerobic and hydroponic reactors, and then back to the kennel area for use in cleaning.

The signs illustrate the particular combinations of flora and fauna that get the job done at each stage of the game.

Dog illustration by Julie Cohn

The final installed signs will be made with 2 printed layers—one opaque and one transparent, and with a space in between, so that printed shapes on the transparent layer will cast gentle shadows on the opaque layer below it.



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